The amazing 2014

Posted on: Sunday, January 4, 2015

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2014 was truly amazing... had footprints on 6 countries and 10 cities, received a BBA degree, crossed out a few items on my bucket list (skydiving yayy!!), met new awesome friends, had some quality times with my dear friends, got drunk a couple of times (ahem..), learned something new, not afraid to drive on highways anymore and literally enjoyed driving (thanks to LA), worked for 3 different companies (and hopefully the current one would last longer than the previous two...), had more self talks and be happier with more confident, and so on..

I did have quite a few downsides during the past 12 months but I have also learned to let go. The hurting aren't that bad anymore like when they were fresh; they have watered down through tears and talks and time actually heals. It's hard to hold on to the things and people that don't fit into your life anyways, at least I know how to handle when it comes again...

2015, I have hopes on you to be a more awesome year. Had my resolutions written in my diary and let's see how many can I accomplish. Happy New Year everyone :) 

(I'll continue to update all those fun moments I had in 2014 that are unpublished, so scroll down on your next visit and see if you will find anything new)


  1. I wanted to ask you "something" before but I guess I got the answer from this post. You are still young and I am (damn) sure the best for you is yet to come. So glad and proud (as a online friend? lol) to know that you are such a tough and cheerful girl :) addoil, still a long way to go!

    Happy New Year Rhonda!

    1. haha I assume it was't too hard to guess huh? thanks for the caring anyways, everything is alright and stay tuned cos I am sure some of my future posts in 2015 will be kinda shocking hahahah!

      Happy New Year, Karen :) you are surely one of my online friends that can be far more than that, date me date me!


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